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My steam download speed keeps going up and down

My steam download speed keeps going up and down

The fix was to find a server cluster powered by someone other than Level 3 (i.e. less traffic, more speed). Multi-megabyte download speed resumed. Problem solved. The poor man's analogy is "my highway to my game data was too crowded so I found another, less-congested route." It didn't involve a. for the past 2 weeks my steam download speed keeps jumping up and down. i have mb internet speed usually i will download steam games at mb but for the past 2 weeks the max i can get is 5mb and its for 10 seconds then it will drop down to kb and after a minute it will go back to 5mb and drop. My dsl connection seems to not be working right with Steam. I'm trying to download a game and my connection which is a dsl mb, will spike at kbs then fall flat to 0kbs then back up. It keeps doing this and it's driving me crazy. I've tried tweaks. I've tried speed test and ping test. I've tried DSLreports.

14 Oct Some users have reported the issue where the download speed gradually slows down until it reaches 0 bytes. After that, it slowly increases but it still reached zero in no time. This can be quite frustrating for users with high-end Internet connection speeds when they notice how Steam is the only software. ok so i just went onto steam and there is a game i have to update and the internet im on is super fast AND WTF IT KEEPS GOING TO LIKE couple of MBS TO LIKE 0bytes WTF??? i dont get it? things i done befour i went on steam. updated my graphics card drivers. updated windows. and started up steam. 12 Aug Turns out it was a problem solved by dnsmasq after all. I can't tell you why it didn't cut it earlier, but on a fresh Ubuntu install, I went through the following steps: First, installing some libraries: sudo apt-get install libcurl3 libcurl3-gnutls libcurl4-openssl-dev. and then installing Steam. The speed.

hey guys, my steam will run at mb per second and then go down to 5kb. what's the reason for this? Got Supreme Commander 2 last night (cmon $5 for a good game, can't miss it) and download speed was good at first, round 2mb/s then dropped to like 30kb/s Guessing valve are having some issues. This problem does not occur with everything however, for example if i download a game from steam it normally downloads fine, sometimes a little slower than has a suggestion i would be very grateful to hear it, thank you for getting this far down the post and sticking with my bad description of the problem.


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